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Villa RP

when architecture becomes part of the living experience

This exclusive residential home is a modern take on the typical Italian “Masseria”.

“Villa RP is not just a home that meets our functional needs. It’s a masterpiece that elevates the very concept of living.”

We are in the province of Catania, Western Sicily. Nestled within a lemon grove and offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea on one side and the majestic Etna volcano on the other, lies Villa RP, a stunningly designed residential home that seamlessly blends the simplicity of its natural surroundings with the sophisticated needs of modern interior design.

Credits: Salvatore Gozzo Environmental Photograpy

Architecture that listens to the territory

The owner approached Forte Architetti, looking to create a luxurious family home that would perfectly complement the territory, a landscape dotted with the characteristic traits of its timeless Mediterranean culture, with dry stone walls, charming outbuildings and terraces that celebrate its distinctively rural profile.

In tribute to the heritage and character of the surrounding area and the unmistakable Mediterranean aesthetic that influences the studio’s visual language, the architects were inspired by the traditional Italian “Masseria”, a complex of buildings that combined the living quarters with additional structures for agricultural equipment storage and animal shelters, built around a central courtyard.

A re-invented Italian “Masseria”

The design of Villa RP is an elegant variation on this time-honored architectural concept which, while retaining its traditional roots, also bestows a modern and refined aesthetic to the whole, with a cluster system of buildings to respond to the client’s functional and housing needs.

The family’s life is naturally set around the 3 volumes that reimage the system of courtyards. In here the spaces flow into each other, both through the use of light as a design element and by the diverse materials that combine harmoniously and functionally to create a visually stunning experience. Large windows and carefully considered openings also frame important elements of the landscape, transforming them into the stage for daily activities that occur inside the house.

Design that narrates a unique living experience

Villa RP by Forte Architetti is a truly unique home set in a truly unique location, seamlessly blending simple sophistication and comfortable functionality: a refined and tasteful project that pays homage to the beauty of the Sicilian landscape and allows the architecture to become an integral part of the living experience.

Project designed with Zero Architetti.
PHOTO CREDITS: Salvatore Gozzo Environmental Photography