behind the studio

A multidisciplinary team for unique architectural solutions.

Forte Architetti is a team of architects, interior designers, engineers and landscape designers sharing a collective vision for architecture and a wealth of professional experience and expertise.

We strongly believe in the complementarity of the various facets that make up our profession and we work collaboratively across different disciplines to ensure that each of our projects is designed holistically and with a deep understanding of the relationship between its different components.

r O B E R T O

Breaking the traditional office scheme of isolated rooms, the new office spaces combine two distinct settings: a more informal, luxurious and lounge-inspired one to receive and entertain clients, often visiting from overseas, and a more practical and functional one where the staff members work every day. As a fil rouge connecting these two spaces, a long non-linear corridor crosses the entire floor featuring a warm and continuous light driving guests and employees on an stimulating path.