An international independent architect studio with a multidisciplinary team to create your next dream.

“Architecture is a social item, a consequence of both conflict and compromise. It is the dynamic result of the contradictory dialogue between economic, cultural and social interests that interact in every project”.

Forte ARCHITETTI is an architectural firm active in the international arena. The complete staff includes architects, landscape designers, engineers and interior designers.

This distinctive cultural background, the respectful observation of the local territory and the materiality of our projects are the three themes we carry forward while balancing a progressive drive and time-honored functionality. From this point of view, our idea of architecture is one that establishes a strong relationship with the surrounding environment and then intersects with the structure and the internal space to form a weave, a delicate mesh that leads to a continuous research, to a "movement" of the project towards the experimentation of a dynamic and emotional space.

South africa
Catania | Italy
Via Pietra dell’Ova, 30
95125 | Catania | Italy
Ph. +39 095 2882142
Cape Town | South Africa
Suite 311, c/o Spaces
Dock Road Junction Corner
of Stanley & Dock Rd
8001 | Cape Town | South Africa
Ph. +27 079 4061889
Milan | Italy
c/o Spaces Milano
Bastioni di Porta Nuova, 21
20121 | Milan | Italy
Ph. +39 328 8473158
Lagos | Nigeria
Ph.+27 079 4061889


We believe that every project must be
translated into an authentic result, both
from a formal and functional point of
view, and our starting point is always
the peculiarity of the spaces in which
man moves and lives.

From urban projects to landscaping, from residential to commercial buildings, from interior to furniture design, we take a strategic design thinking approach to both small and large scale projects, offering feasibility studies, full architectural and planning services, site management, supervision and a large range of problem-solving techniques.

Process standardizaton

We use on-line project management software to handle every aspect of our projects, dividing them into predefined tasks and objectives to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Project Management

Each project is assigned to one of the main partners who is fully responsible for its progress. Weekly meetings with the entire team ensure proper development.


For us, distances have never been a limit. No matter how distant the project is from our offices, we will handle each one with due care using innovative technologies and the latest communication platforms.

BIM based design soFTware

Building Information Modeling is the state of the art in terms of project management and drawing software within the building industry.

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