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exclusive office spaces with a warm heart in Cape Town

Designing an elegant workplace as an extension of the home.

“We needed a place to do business in,
without it feeling like a place to do
business in.”

The brief behind the project for Carbonado Energy, a multinational company based in Cape Town, was essential, concise and precise: completely redesign the rigid and unfunctional existing layout of the office to create a dynamic and cosy environment. The result, designed by Forte Architetti, is a unique workplace that acts as an extension of the home.

Credits: Adam Letch

A workplace with two souls

Breaking the traditional office scheme of isolated rooms, the new office spaces combine two distinct settings: a more informal, luxurious and lounge-inspired one to receive and entertain clients, often visiting from overseas, and a more practical and functional one where the staff members work every day. As a fil rouge connecting these two spaces, a long non-linear corridor crosses the entire floor featuring a warm and continuous light driving guests and employees on an stimulating path.

Colours and materials mix to complement each other

Every detail in a project is determined by a reason. In the offices of Carbonado Energy, the imported oak is combined with a green coating to bring warmth and sophistication to the shared spaces; the offices and the meeting room, on the other hand, are dressed in softer white shades to allow employees to work comfortably.

“A timeless workspace for generations to come”

The iconic layout designed by Forte Architetti for Carbonado Energy is refined yet practical and almost unique in the sector, offering people a place to meet, work and converse. A place where they can bond and transform their ideas into reality.